Mission Statement:

Das HausBrauers prides itself on being a homebrew and craft beer enthusiast club from the Greater Buffalo area. Though several of us have been meeting informally over the last couple of years we have become official as of 2012. We are registered with the American Homebrewers Associations or A.H.A. Our number one goal is to respect beer. We brew it,we learn about it, we discuss it and of course we drink it in a responsible and respectful way. Many of our members are homebrewers themselves, ranging from beginners to award winners. We are constantly sharing recipes, techniques and tips to make each other better brewers. Beer enthusiasts are also welcome. We are always eager to sample differing beers and beer styles from around United States and the world, so if you’re not brewing bring something to sample.

Meetings are held every month.

We sample homebrews, critique each other’s beers and trade tips and techniques usually over pizza and wings. We normally meet at a members home who is willing to host. Field trips to local breweries and “brew days” are interspersed every couple of months (not to mention local beerfests). We are by no means a hardcore brew club. We respect the fact that this is a hobby and that even though we would all like to be master brewers… at the end of the day we still need to bring home the bacon. Meetings are scheduled in advance and if you cannot make it, we understand. Also, please check out our Facebook and emails for info and future meetings.

New members are always welcome. Our goal is to encourage you to brew better beer, not discourage or scare you away. We respect the efforts made by all… from the beginners using kits to the all-grain veterans. Our only request is that you come with a desire to become a better brewer.

In order to join our club, simply express interest and attend several meetings. At some point we will make you a member, teach you the secret handshake and give you a decoder ring. Don’t show for a year and we will simply take you off of our email list. For more information on joining a Buffalo homebrew club, check out Episode 9 of WNY Brews

Brew your best… and drink the rest!

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Bring your brewing to the next level by becoming a member of a homebrew club? Come to a monthly meeting and get feedback on your brews from other local brewers. 

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