The area around Orchard Park Country Club. Use the preferred values in your calculations. They are calculated to the ions needed for brewing.


iDip, August 2017

Sodium: 7 ppm Calculated
Residual Alkalinity: 63 ppm Calculated
Magnesium: 37 ppm 8.98 ppm (as Mg+2) Calculated
Chlorine, Free (DPD-1) CL: 1.95 ppm iDip
Chloride CH :14.63 ppm (as CL⁻) iDip
Sulfate SO4: 28.33 ppm (as S) iDip
Hardness, Total High THH: 125 ppm iDip
pH PH 8.1 pH iDip
Calcium CA: 35.2 ppm (as Ca) iDip
Alkalinity, Total AL: 93 ppm