Welcome to episode 8 of WNY Brews!

I tell you about my experience making a hard cider from a Western New York staple…Mayer Brothers Apple Cider. I also review Not Your Fathers Root Beer and tell you about my wet-hopped IIPA.

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I’ve been scoping everything I’ve been doing lately. You can watch the process right here! If you want to watch live, check out my Periscope channel by following me on Twitter.


Not Your Fathers Root Beer

You can listen to the episode, but if you’re curious…I didn’t like it because it tastes exactly as it should. It tastes like root beer. I understand that this is not their problem and they should be very proud to make a good product people like. I know that this is my problem and I’m fine with that. I like beer, I don’t like hard root beer.

Making Hard Cider

First of all, this is easy; go get some cider from Mayer Brothers (directly from the cider mill). Don’t get the stuff with preservatives, so go directly to the Cider Mill. Plus it’s fall and it’s fun to go anyway!

Sanitize everything! I used a 5 gallon carboy (PET and 6 gallons in reality), a stopper and a bubbler.

Pour in the cider carefully, pour in the dry yeast (EC 1118). Cap it and put it somewhere you have a stable temperature in the 50-80 degree range.


Back-sweeten (add non-fermentable sugars).


A few mistakes in the recording:

If you don’t get pasteurized cider, you should heat it to 160 degrees before transferring to a sanitized fermenter. I said 165.

I said “3 steps” to making hard cider and then listed about 7 steps… I’m sorry…it’s still really easy.


Among other places I normally go to, these two sites are where I started when putting this brew together:

Brew Your Own (BYO.com)