Buffalo Beer Week 2018

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On this episode, I talk about the Featured Events during this year’s Buffalo Beer Week! Check them out at http://www.buffalobeerweek.com

This episode generally features the guys from The Buffalo Beer League, but they’re out at literally every Buffalo Beer event so nailing them down to a time is tough. So this year I’m flying solo. I tell you what beer event is featured each day as well as touch on a few others that I personally plan on attending.

Buffalo Beer Week is early this year, from September 14th-23rd, so I hope to see you out!

Featured Guest



“Celebrating the Evolving History and Continuous Education of our Beloved BeverageBuffalo Beer Week® promotes Buffalo’s growing craft beer culture by sponsoring a ten-day festival in Erie and Niagara counties and Western NY that attracts beer tourism, fosters knowledge of our regional brewing heritage, and serves as a showcase for Buffalo’s breweries, restaurants, pubs, and other businesses with ties to the craft beer community.”

Everybody loves a crushable West Coast IPA.

Karl Kolbe

CEO/Head Brewer, Pressure Drop Brewing

See all the events over at BuffaloBeerWeek.com and check out all of Brian Campbell’s Blog Posts!