Josh Dziomba is starting a brewery in Clarence!

but starting a brewery is really tough AND money intensive! Josh does a great job of remaining enthusiastic about the process. He hopes to open very shorty…but most importantly, check out


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About the guest: West Shore Brewing


We could not have started along this road without the support of friends and family as well as the generations ahead of us that pass down the passion for great beer.  West Shore Brewing is named after the railroad which brought my great grandfather to the area almost one-hundred years ago, and continued through four generations, countless brewery visits, road trips and endless hours home brewing. Here at West Shore Brewing we want to earn your business, one beer at a time. Using influences from not only Buffalo, but the region as a whole, we want to do things a little differently and hope you will enjoy the ride.

We are currently in the construction phase at our future location. 9992 Main St in Clarence. With the goal of opening in Fall 2016, we are working hard everyday to open our doors.

With the renaissance of the brewing industry in Buffalo we are proud to be part of it. With a variety of offerings we will try and bring a little part of our forgotten past along with us.

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