Elmwood Avenue’s Newest Haunt…


Mike Shatzel is no stranger to the Buffalo Beer Scene. He’s been bringing craft beer to the city before most people even knew what an IPA was. This time, he’s bringing in a Buffalo brewing veteran to start something bigger. No longer content with finding the next great beer, he wants Rudy “Rudybob” Watkins to make the next great Buffalo beer on premises at the new Thin Man Brewing Company in the heart of the city.

In this episode, I go to Thin Man to talk to Rudybob about his plans for the brewery and find out how he fits a 15 barrel system in a former residence on Elmwood Ave.

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About the guests: Rudybob Watkins

Rather than write a bio here, check out Kevin Wise’s Buffalo Beer Biochemist Blog. Please follow this link to go to his site. Like all of Kevin’s articles (this one written by Matt Matuszewski and edited by Kevin), is very well-written and worthy of reading in full.


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