We live in Buffalo, and it gets COLD!

I have been told extract brewing gives the beer an “extract flavor”; some sort of “giveaway” taste-marker that undercuts the brewer’s claims of a well-brewed beer. 

I don’t thnk I’ve ever tasted said “extract flavor”, but I have tasted bad extract beer. I’ve sttribited this to the fact that many homebrewers start of extract and much of the bad reputation extract endures boils down to pure inexperience (See the pun?!).

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But we live in Buffalo, and my outdoor pipes freeze in the winter, so…I switch to extract in the winter.

I don’t want to be outside in -20 degree weather!

Extract is quicker; it takes me about 3 hours from setup to finished

Extract is smaller; I don’t need a huge pot. I can biol a few gallons instead of a full 5 gallons.

Extract is more expensive; it’s an obvious downside, but if you count the amount of “stuff” you have to buy or put together to bre all-grain, it’s not a bad trade-off.

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I want to help you with your first brew. I’m doing extract for the winter anyway!

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