BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines

The Audio Version as read by Scott Panfil

This is a study-aid for the BJCP online exam. I learn better through audio, and I couldn’t find a reading of the guidelines, so I decided to make my own.

New styles will be uploaded weekly.

How are the organized

Exactly as the written guidelines. You can follow along with the PDF version from if you’d like. Everything is included.

Can I buy a finished audio version somewhere?

No. This is free. If you see anyone charging for this, please alert me.

When I finally finish, I will combine them into a single edition if you want to download it (again, for free).

Why take the time to record it?

As stated in the page intro, I learn best by hearing, even better by speaking. I wanted an audio version that I could listen to on repeat. I couldn’t find one, so I decided to make one. As long as allows this to be here, you can always find them free.

Are you making money off of this?

Again, no. I just want this to be clear as I have no intention of breaking BJCP rules. I’m doing this for me, and sharing it if it helps others.

Will you update when a new version is released?

That’s the plan.

What if something is pronounced wrong?

Please let me know. I try hard, but I bet there’s at least one mistake per style.

Look for more next week.