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Stewarding AWOG with Eric Stellrecht, Mar Urban, and Andy Urban

┬áIn this episode, I speak to Eric Stellrecht, and Mar and Andy Urban about stewarding at the annual Amber Waves of Grain Competition. This year it’s held on March 24th and 25th. Being a steward is a great way to get in the game without the stress of passing BJCP exams or writing all day. Plus you get to hang out with nice people who make good beer. Those a good friends to have! Please go to As always, please check out: Please review the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher: Rate Please Please connect with us:

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Episode 38: My City Brew with Jonah Epstein

If you’ve been to a Buffalo Beer Festival in the past year, there’s a good chance that you’ve run into Jonah Epstein or his crew asking for votes in a beer poll. It’s been close to a year and the votes are finally tallied. What started as an idea in High School, and fleshed out in college, has become Jonah’s reality; My City Brew is finally on the verge of brewing Buffalo’s Beer! The Concept: Allow Buffalo residents to choose what kind of beer they want to drink and brew it for them. It’s a direct democracy in beer....

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Episode 36: A Basic Kettle Sour with Drew Hardin

Souring a beer can feel like a huge undertaking or at least it did for me. Having never soured a beer on purpose before, I was worried about creating all sorts of weird and unwated flavors. After all, I’ve spent the last 5 years trying to make the cleanest beers I can and this one was going to be “infected”. What kind of bacteria do I want to use? What should I do to protect my cold-side equipment? What new off-flavors should I be aware of? These kinds of questions had me afraid to take the leap so when...

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Episode 35: Brewed and Bottled in Lewiston

Christopher and Jessica Budde opened Brewed and Bottled at 402 Center Street in Lewiston, NY back in August and have had a warm welcome from the community. With a great attitude and a great selection, it’s easy to see why.

I talked to both of them seperatley and put the two interviews together (they took turns so they could run the store, they’re doing it all themselves).

I was amazed at how similar their answers were!

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