Month: May 2016

Episode 21: Farm to Pint 2016

The 3rd Annual Farm to Pint at Hamburg Brewing Company showcased over a dozen local beers made from local ingredients. I spoke with some of the brewers, local maltsters, and hopsters (pretty sure that’s not a word)

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Episode 20: National Homebrew Day Short

Happy National Hombrew Day! In honor of #NationalHomebrewDay, I’m brewing a German Hefeweizen and tweeting all day. On top of that, I joined the AHA this year and that’s what I wanted to talk about. The American Homebrewers Association was started by Charlie Papazian as the homebrewing arm of The Brewers Association. They raise awareness AND lobby government at many levels to get laws changed in favor of homebrewing across the US. Some of the laws on the books have been around since prohibition and I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to get them changed without an organization...

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