Month: April 2015

Episode 2: The Starter Episode with Bert Dyster

Episode 2 is Here! Sorry for the week delay, I hope to publish weekly, but schedules change, and a week was lost. Not a big deal. To quote Charlie Papazian “Relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew” This week we’re talking about getting started in homebrewing: {podcast id=3}  I recently had a friend want to start homebrewing and I wanted to get him the best info in an attempt to circumvent the problems many of us ran into when we began. I posed the question “What would you do differently if you had to start again?” to Facebook and to my Homebrew Club at a recent brew day and they gave some great advice. Then I thought it would be a good idea to get a pro involved and contacted Bert Dyster from Niagara Traditions Homebrew Supplies. He has set many people on a sure path towards making great beer and he runs down the equipment and ingredient kits they have over at Niagara Traditions. Take a listen and start a great new hobby if you’re not already cranking out your own beer at the...

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Episode 1: Pierogi, Resurgence, and Adam Richman

Welcome to the first episode of WNY Brews! This was a tremendous week; I had the opportunity to meet many great people and sample some of the best this city has to offer. Adam Richman from the Travel Channel’s new show Man Finds Food calls in and speaks to me and the brewers over at Resurgence!  {podcast id=2}  The week started at The Hydraulic Hearth on Swan Street for an event dreamed up the Hearth and put on by The Buffalo Beer Goddesses and Ru’s Pierogis. Being mostly polish myself, it’s almost a birth-right that I have pierogi around Dyngus Day. Here’s a secret though: I don’t like pierogi. I never have, and thought I never would, but Andy, the owner of Ru’s Pierogi, has converted me. His stuffed banana pepper pierogi are the best I’ve ever had. I expected them to be good, they were phenominal. ...

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