Month: June 2015

Episode 6: Happy Fathers Day and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Happy Fathers’ Day everyone!! One of the best things about living next door to my father is having a brewing partner; we share a garage, brewing equipment, supplies, and the final product. Wouldn’t it be great to own a brewery with your father? Well we talk to someone living the dream. I got the tour from John Russo Jr., part of the father-son team who bring you Hamburg Brewing Company. He was an absolute pleasure to talk to and has some great things in store for the fans of HBC. We also talk about this article from about Father...

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Episode 5: Online Brewing Toolbox and Southern Tier Tangier

This week, I’m laying out my TOP TEN ONLINE HOMEBREWING TOOLS! I didn’t name the episode that because it sounds spammy…plus it ended up being more than 10 sites. Also, they’re not all “tools” unless you count knowledge as a tool. I do count knowledge as a tool and lots of people tell me I’m a tool. They’re probably right, but in a “wears dad-shorts and a polo shirt all summer long” kind of way.   I started by drinking a Southern Tier Tangier. It’s a great beer that’s light and citrusy. It’s a session IPA and reminds me...

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About Us

My name is Scott and I’m a homebrewer and a member of The Das Hausbrauers Von Buffalo Homebrew Club. I’m interested in the brewing process and bettering my skills.  I’m also a husband and father and I don’t want my kids to get their views of beer from commercials that run during football games or movies about frat parties. It’s important to talk about quality and responsibility over quantity and questionable decisions. I’ve always defended the reputation of the Western New York area when in conversations during travel, I’m proud to have lived and worked around here all my life and I’m excited to see Buffalo on the rise. Along with waterfront and community improvements, one of the best parts of his renaissance is the emergence of a strong beer scene.  I hope to contribute in any small way I...

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Das Hausbrauers (The Homebrewers)- Buffalo Homebrew Club

Mission Statement: Das HausBrauers prides itself on being a homebrew and craft beer enthusiast club from the Greater Buffalo area. Though several of us have been meeting informally over the last couple of years we have become official as of 2012. We are registered with the American Homebrewers Associations or A.H.A. Our number one goal is to respect beer. We brew it, we learn about it, we discuss it and of course we drink it in a responsible and respectful way. Many of our members are homebrewers themselves, ranging from beginners to award winners. We are constantly sharing recipes,...

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