The Brewnology Podcast Ups Our Evaluation Game

Learn how to get better at evaluating beer. Whether it’s your own, a friend’s home brew, or a commercial example, tasting beer is an important skill.

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Stewarding AWOG with Eric Stellrecht, Mar Urban, and Andy Urban

 In this episode, I...
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Episode 38: My City Brew with Jonah Epstein

If you've been to a Buffalo Beer Festival in...
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Buffalo’s Beer and Brewing Podcast

Episode 35: Brewed and Bottled in Lewiston

Episode 35: Brewed and Bottled in Lewiston

Christopher and Jessica Budde opened Brewed and Bottled at 402 Center Street in Lewiston, NY back in August and have had a warm welcome from the community. With a great attitude and a great selection, it’s easy to see why.

I talked to both of them seperatley and put the two interviews together (they took turns so they could run the store, they’re doing it all themselves).

I was amazed at how similar their answers were!

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